IMG_2227Life in our garden is not real pretty right now, as you can see! My old friend and trusted greenhouse has been sold and now we have a big ugly mess and a whole bunch of work ahead of us.  May I share our plans and dreams with you?

For over six years now we have had a wonderland of growing space inside our 12 by 24, solar operated greenhouse. We start our flowers, herbs and veggies for the year, keep herbs overwintered, supply our chickens and ducks with wintertime greens and food for ourselves year round. It has been very successful and pleasing to us.


We have had our trials too, in-experience is a harsh schoolmaster! Having learned what to do and more importantly, what not to do, we have decided to step our living to a new level. We are very excited to share our plans with you.

We are planning a new, bigger and better greenhouse to be sized at about 20 by 28 feet. The new one will be solar operated as the previous one was. What that means is that we do not put any power for cooling or heating into the building, instead rely completely on the sun. In the winter the sun heats it quite well thanks to our location and fairly sunny skies during the winter. For the summer, we use both bottom and top vents with solar openers to cool the building. These little gems are set to open at 80 degrees (which is the ideal temperature to maintain) and then close again when the temp. drops below 80 to help maintain that for as long as possible. Drastic change of temperatures are the biggest enemy for our greenhouse work and since we are very scattered over our property with other work and can’t always babysit the greenhouse, these openers are our best friends! This new greenhouse will be build with much beefed up materials and built to LAST!!

We plan to continue using it for much the same purposes as the old one, just more goodness growing in the soil (we grow directly in the soil). We eat a sizable amount of produce but know that we can produce much, much more then needed for ourselves (this is where it gets exciting). We plan to grow fruits and veggies for the shut-ins and elderly of our community too!IMG_0925

It has always been a burden on our hearts to try to look after the elderly. Many of them have physical or financial obstacles that prevent them from having wholesome food for their tables at the very time in life they need it most. We plan to make a dent in that problem with our new greenhouse.

Here’s where we are asking for your help, and please bear with me, this is not something I am very good at. This building project is a huge undertaking for us. If any of you know Wayne and I, you know we are most certainly not gifted as builders! We are asking for those of you who can get your hearts around our vision to assist us in any number of ways:

  1. PRAYER! Yes, that is the absolute best gift you could give us right now. Please pray for our plans to succeed and for many to eat the goodness provided by the Lord through our little effort here.
  2. Advise and wisdom! Yes, we are need of these in good measure. If you have construction or engineering knowledge, we would love to hear from you. We first thought to design a bit differently than our previous greenhouse but believe the most cost effective, strong design for which we have the ability to build may be to keep it basic. We are open to your input and help in design work if you feel led but need to complete this phase rather quickly, which leads me to the next point.
  3. Please pray for a good, honest and affordable concrete contractor! We need someone with a good skill level to do some excavating, leveling and squaring for the footer of this building. We thought we had a very dear friend lined up for this but due to medical emergencies that may not work out.
  4. Which brings us to the next point. We are very, very open to any hands on help you may have to lend. Some of the framing work, especially will be hard for the two of us to complete as we are planning to frame with 2×6 hardwood, as that is what the Good Shepherd has provided, but it weighs a lot! If you have some time and strong muscles to share, we would be very grateful!
  5. This project is a massive expenditure for us. We are not people of means but can’t help feeling the Lord wants us to proceed with this. We have been gifted some seed funds and of course have the sell funds from the old greenhouse, which we are hoping will aid us with the foundational work. If the wood we have will work and we have enough, that should not be an expense however there will be plenty of hardware costs. The skin for this new building will be very costly but hopefully will last a very long time, if we budget carefully, we can keep that cost below $4,000. If you feel this is something you could help with, we would be abundantly grateful! If you do want to share financially, there are a number of ways to do this. If you are local, you already know where we are and we will gladly receive any gift you may be able to share. If you are not local, you can simple use the ‘donate’ button on this web-site. We are also able to receive checks by mail, our mailing address is: 954 East Elm Street, Sidney, NE 69162, checks can be made out to Wayne Waller.
  6. Last but not least by any means; we need your help finding those elderly or shut-in folks that could benefit from some wholesome, fresh food. We have begun forming a list and still have plenty of room to add folks. If you know of someone, local, please contact us privately so we can plan to share with them.

The realization of the scope of this project makes me catch my breath a bit, however I have seen the Lord move so many mountains in our lives. We know there are so many that can be blessed by this and can’t wait to get started! Please share our plans and this post with those you know who might be interested in our project. I will provide updates as we proceed. If you are able, please stop by and see, firsthand how things are proceeding. Many blessing to you all for reading to the end of my babbling!