With the hanging of our grandson’s birdhouse, we declare our greenhouse officially complete and ready for growing!  Many tiny details still getting marked off each day and joy over flows with each line drawn through the long list.  Besides some painting, weatherproofing and raised bed construction, we’re ready for winter.

The two main beds are being developed a little at a time, each day seeds are being sown for our winter harvest.  The stones are laid for pathways to prevent the growing ground from being packed down (Which means no further digging or tilling on our end, yea!) Raised beds will be built over the winter to be placed at waist height for further growing of more shallow rooted plants and then there is still space above for growing or trellising of some of our favorite melons and such.


We are seeing some volunteer tomato and bean plants popping through the earth along with our seeds sown on purpose – you just can’t stop God’s abundance when fully embraced!


We currently have sown garlic, onions, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots mixed salad greens and wheat grass for the chickens and ducks.  Of course, the first plants to be gently placed into the soil were a few of our favorite kitchen herbs that waited patiently all summer in clay pots for their new home.  I never thought I’d see my lavender blooming in November but what a sight for sore eyes!


Many days of delight await us as we spend them tending the good earth we’ve been given and many a good meal is going to be shared from the harvest we receive.  Stop in and spend a few minutes with us in this little piece of heaven and let us know of any folks that may enjoy some of the good food growing here, we can’t wait to share.

Thank you again for all the prayers, support and help that enabled us to get here today.  You all will be in our prayers of thanksgiving everyday!