Are you wondering if Herbs and Natural Health can benefit you?  Do you feel overwhelmed wondering where or how to research your health needs?  Do you lack the resources, education or time to determine what you need for health and wellness?  Why not take advantage of my education to benefit yourself?

Here at Amazing Grace, I have several options that may benefit you.

Our most recent addition to our offerings is a “30 Minute Session” for those acute issues you need to deal with quickly and possibly unexpectedly.  With this option we can look at the most exact and useful options for your immediate needs.  This works wonderfully for such issues as the latest flu bug, injuries that are within the scope of personal care, rashes, sore throats, upset tummies, etc.  With this option you are granted a 30 minute session which is usually more then enough time to get you on the right road for healing.

Our Two Hour Tutoring Session might be just the fit.  Upon signing up for this session you will be forwarded an information packet that will include details of this plan along with a basic informational form and a detailed health form, which will all become part of your individual learning experience. With this information I will begin my efforts to put together the most valuable and useful information/program for you to consider.  My average time with this effort will vary but usually amounts to multiple hours not to include the time we spend discussing usually via e-mail.  This package allows for direct contact time to be two hours with a follow up session to see how everything is working for you, usually about two weeks after our original session, and lasting up to one hour.  At that time we will discuss how things are working for you and if any changes need to be made.  If so, I will forward those ideas to you and allow you to spend some time with the changes.  This does conclude the package but I do always love to hear back from my students as they journey on.

Another option for those in need of a more complex educational experience to revamp their overall health is our Complete Health Overhaul.  This program is designed to start at A and help you work your way through Z.  We will be spending time looking at where you are at and where you want to be, health wise.  This program differs from the Two Hour Session in that you are entitled to three, two hour sessions with two follow up appointments as well.  This is a great fit for those that have no or very little herbal/natural health experience or those that have a number of issues they wish to become educated about.

Our final option is the Six Month Membership to our learning lab.  During this time we can work on whatever is of interest or need to you or any member of your family for which you are responsible to make health decisions.  This program will be conducted much the same as the first two but does include five, two hour sessions and three follow up sessions.

It is not my desire that anyone in need should have to go without. If you have a true hardship that prohibits you from gaining the herbal consultations listed here, please send me an e-mail and we can discuss what may be done to help you go forward into health and wellness. My e-mail address is:

Purchasing these tutoring sessions couldn’t be easier!

30 Minute Session
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Two Hour Session with One Hour Follow Up
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Complete Health Overhaul
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Six Month Membership
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