Just wanted to keep you all up to date on our big project here.  The wall surrounding the old greenhouse has finally been completely relocated, and may I say, it looks pretty happy in it’s new home.

Concrete work is scheduled for next week, please pray with us that we can keep this schedule and all goes well with this next phase.  We will also be moving some giant boulders and scooping out gravel to make room for the added space of the new greenhouse.

After this comes the framing.  The Lord has blessed us with some very skilled counselors and we are pretty sure about the plan at this point.

We appreciate your prayers along this journey!  We still have a long way to go and framing will most likely be the slowest step.  Still welcoming any volunteers who would like to help us, we need those muscles!!  Would you please continue to pray for us to seek out those elderly and shut-in folks in the community that we can share the bounty of this great work with.  Costs are always higher then you budget, no matter how carefully you proceed,  so please pray we can complete this project without breaking the bank.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and I shall post more as we move along.