Spring appears to be making it’s shinning appearance and with it the new garlic is up and looking good.  If your like me, I over plant every year and still have quite a bit in the pantry.  Seeing this beautiful new green friend shoot up makes me want some fresh garlic!  And indeed, it will only be a few months more to wait and we will have plump, juicy new cloves to add to our kitchens and medicine cabinets.  But. . . don’t forget about the old goodness, still hanging on your walls and filling your baskets.

Did you know you can so easily make your own garlic powder?  Its so nice to have on hand for those quick meals when your just not up to slicing and dicing.  If you make your own seasoning mixes, you can save a bundle not having to buy each spice in your blends.  Let me show you how I do it.

IMG_1673First take all your cloves and undress them, no they won’t mind they are tired of those old skins.  Then slice them evenly so that they will dry properly.  I lay mine on a cotton dish towel over a dehydrator tray.  This keeps them from falling through and away from contact with the plastic tray.  I place this tray in my spare room under a ceiling fan, set on low.  I want air flow to dry them, not heat.

IMG_1674Once they are totally dry, I place them in my herb grinder (electric coffee mill I keep just for herbs) and grind them to a powder.  However if you would rather, you can store the dried slices in a jar and grind as you need them too, they stay better in that form.

IMG_1670This is how beautiful it looks when I’m done.  You can continue to grind them into a finer powder if you wish.

IMG_1671The last step is to place it in an air-tight jar and store in a cool, dark place until ready to use!

See how easy that was?  What are you waiting for, I know you have lots of garlic just waiting for a new makeover!!

See the following post to discover why you will want to have lots of this golden delight around.