Did you know herbs have an ancient history of safety, BUT herbs can also harm when not used correctly.

For example, certain herbs should not be used with certain pharmaceutical drugs. A common example would be Ginger, which can be a hugely beneficial herb but causes blood thinning and would be contraindicated for those on blood thinners but also those on steroids, as those also cause blood thinning as well. As common as this herb is, it would not be appropriate for a number of other people too. Do you know who? A good Herbalist will.

Another consideration in using herbs is how to use them. It is very important to know how the elderly or very young need to have their dosing taken into consideration. Much smaller and more frequent doses are often, though not always, our best choice. It’s not as simple as taking a person’s weight into account. We have a number of special considerations for the frail and tender among us. Those folks who are on a high protein diet such as body builders or pregnant women, or even those following a Paleo diet need to know the best time of day to take their remedies and how they interact with protein. How do we help someone who is not able to take herbs orally for various reasons. A good Herbalist knows how to look at the particular person they are working with, take their specific needs into consideration and educate them for their best benefit.

What effects pre-existing conditions a person may have that should be considered in using herbs. Who should not use herbs and why. What is the best form to take herbs in? How should they be combined or should they at all? What is the best timing for taking a remedy. How will the herbs play in with any pharmaceuticals a person may be taking. How to source the best plants. How to make your own medicines and so, so, so much more.

With over 2 decades of experience and learning under my belt, I have the answers you need. Having obtained the level of Clinical Master Herbalist I have a vast amount of knowledge to share. My journey began with the simple study and use of herbs for my own family but I later went on to be certified as a Family Herbalist. I also have been certified as a Nutritional Herbalist. And finally, my last goal has been reached giving me the title of Clinical Master Herbalist. Not that titles mean that much but I am passionate about seeing people gain the wellness levels they aspire to. My average tutoring session will last about two hours but that is only the meeting. Prior to our session I will have spent numerous hours preparing for your visit. The time I dedicate to follow up is beyond the time of preparation and meeting put together. I will be there for you, all along your journey.

If you have the desire to use herbs and natural remedies in your health and healing efforts, let’s talk. I am available for private sessions on a limited basis. I have a number of options for your consideration that can make it more affordable for your budget.

Contact me through an e-mail message at:  Karri@amazinggracewellnessconnections.com and be watching for more helpful and exciting articles to follow.