It has been one blurry, fast-paced summer and I promised to keep everyone updated on the greenhouse project.  We are almost totally framed out!!  The cement work is totally finished and the polycarbonate panels are being shipped, hopefully as I type.  When they arrive we hope to be finished framing.  We still have a wee bit on the roof and then the vents and doors to frame, the skin will go on and the solar openers attached and we will be ready to roll!

Our goal is Sept. 1 because I do grow year-round inside and need the fall months to get my winter produce fully mature before the very short days of January and February.  I am so excited I can hardly wait!  Fresh produce is so wonderful to have, right outside our front door.  This house will be double the space of our last one and we plan to use all the height of the new one to add more growing space too.  A small outdoor addition is placed on the south side of the building where we will grow grapes along it’s fence and use a small bed next to the building to trellis up veggies that will also help shade the inside during the high heat months of summer.  Oh, the plans we have!!

So, speaking of plans – as some of you have probable figured out, this is way more space then we need for the two of us to have fresh food.  We are hoping to share the extras with the elderly and shut-in community we live amongst.  It is so very important for all of us to eat fresh produce daily but for some of our neighbors, a trip to the store is out of the question because of physical or budget restrictions. While we are compiling a list of folks that may benefit from our work here, we need your help finding others.  If you know of someone who would enjoy some fresh food, please contact us so we don’t overlook anyone.

Some of you may not realize that we operate a small inn here on our property. In our efforts to come away from the commercial style of living and in our hopes of blessing our guests with wholesome food during their stay, we will also use some of our homegrown produce for our signature “Breakfast in a Basket” option.  For an additional price, our guests can have a totally homemade and almost totally homegrown breakfast delivered to their door in the morning.  Our melons and strawberries have graced many a basket in the past but with the additional growing space we will be able to branch out to greater offerings.  You can see more about our little inn at:

So there you have it, our August update. Lord willing, September will find me on my hands and knees planting seeds of joy in my new dirt pile!  Thank you all for your various helps as we work toward the completion of this rather large project.  First to my Father in heaven who continually stretches us and grows us as His own lovely little plants.  Next to my ever sweet husband whose hands are full of splinters but heart is full of love for his crazy wife and her ideas.  Also, special thanks to my earthly dad, Alvin who at the age of almost 80, traveled here to help us (and may I say, ran circles around us for 4 days), my mom, Carroll,  who cooked and cleaned and kept everyone encouraged and full of ice water as we worked in our high 90 days of July.  Our son, Steven who labored beside his dad and grandpa for days giving us the strength of his age when we were lacking, and to his wife Kat who graciously shared him with us.  His awesome friend Chris, who pitched in without even knowing us and left his ladder for us to use in the completion.  And our always faithful friend,  Chad,  who was willing to drive out here and give his help with such enthusiasm.  This crew worked without one grumble and I think we were all amazed at how smooth the work went.  There are others who have held us up in prayer, provided resources and stopped by to offer a word of encouragement.  There are some who helped without even knowing it.  I speak of the great donation of lumber that came from the scrap pile of the new Marriott motel that is being built on the horizon of our landscape.  The owner, I am told, lives in Saudi Arabia, and I am sure we will never meet.  The lumber we drug home from their site provided over half of all the lumber in this project and there are scraps which will make elevated strawberry and wheatgrass beds too!

Stay tuned for further updates as we move toward completion.  Stop by if your in the neighborhood.  Most of all, please pray for us, we have overcome great  obstacles that I won’t give the enemy power by detailing.  We seek to glorify our Father in this work and it will be ongoing.  Please help us to find those folks who need the nourishment from our work here as that is the greatest help we need at this point.  And last of all, plant some seeds!