Isn’t this a beautiful pepper?  It is part of the Montecello Gardens of Thomas Jefferson!  Absolutely exquisite and rather rare, one I have not seen before.

Your in luck because we are growing these plants in our sale this year! We can all have ‘presidential’ gardens!  Here is the description provided by the Monticello Garden’s web-site.

“The sweet bell pepper was grown as early as 1681 by enslaved Africans in Panama, who pickled the “Green Indian-Bell-Pepper.” It was introduced to North America most likely from the West Indies by the early 1700s. McMahon included “Bell” peppers in The American Gardener’s Calendar 1806, and Jefferson recorded Bull Nose in his 1812 garden calendar. Jefferson’s Bull Nose likely resembled the heavily lobed pepper we know today.”

As always, our plants were started right here in our greenhouse in Sidney, Nebraska.  Grown for their distinct and awesome wholesomeness just for our friends and neighbors.

Come on by and grab you some of these little pepper beauties and see what other rare and hardy plants we are growing for you.

We are the big blue greenhouse at the Sleep For Less Motel in Sidney, Nebraska.  We sit at the Junction of Highways 385 and 30.  Our official address is 954 East Elm Street.  We will be open from 7:30 until dark, each day except Saturday (we have to rest too) until sold out.

Hope to see you soon!