Karri is a Clinical  Herbalist who passionately practices in the ancient paths of traditional herbalism, while embracing properly conducted evidence and research based science in an effort to bring health and wellness to as many as possible and entirely for the glory of God, the Creator and Sustainer of all life.  Having studied under many different methods/ideologies of herbalism, she has spent the last two and one half decades developing a unique mode of herbalism that is as useful and practical as it is successful.

It all began almost 30 years ago when her babies developed ear infections and needed some nurturing care.  That lit a fire and the journey began.  That was back in the late 80’s and Herbalism was just making a come back in the U.S. so there was not much available as far as learning venues and most certainly no internet!  But as is often the case, God took her on a deeper journey when her husband developed chronic autoimmune issues that doctors had no good answers for.  God put her into boot camp and forced her to step it up to a level of living she never dreamed would be necessary.  The beauty that came forth was a much, much healthier husband/family and the skills and knowledge firmly in place to now bless others.

She maintains quite sizable herb and food gardens and loves the soul satisfying act of growing and processing her own remedies as well as teaching and sharing with others so they too can benefit from the plants.  Each year her gardens grow a little larger and burst forth with life giving health. She holds workshops and classes throughout the year on a vast amount of topics.  You may also benefit from private tutoring sessions available both locally or by distant learning venues if you have specific issues you would like to be better equipped to handle.

As most people know, we are what we eat and educating people on this vast subject is always present with her.  She and her husband operate two different food co-ops at their location so that the local community can have access to good, wholesome food, as their part of the country does tend to be a food desert.  As part of her ever increasing food garden she also maintains a completely natural greenhouse, in that there is no heat or cooling provided by anything other than nature but food grows year round in this tiny piece of heaven!  Plans are under way to expand the greenhouse work so that they will be able to provide nourishing food to the elderly in their community too. There are also ducks, chickens and honeybees to be tended to and joy as well as health is found in them all.  While her kitchen does not represent anything modern or shiny, it maintains a constant flow of wholesome, nurturing foods for family and guests.  It may also contain within it’s counter tops the latest batch of homemade soap, infused vinegars and oils as well as any number of tea blends ready to drink up, tinctures macerating or other such goodies.

She is passionate to see health and wellness by God’s definition, firmly put back into it’s rightful place amongst people and families everywhere.  Having now attained the role of an “Older Woman” she takes seriously the admonition to be a “teacher of good things”.  If you have a need for any of the skill or knowledge she maintains, please see the “Services Available” page, or contact her on the “Contact” page and see what may be done.  May God richly bless you as you seek Him.