Your Invited to join me in this season’s first herb walk/tour in my gardens and grounds here at Amazing Grace Wellness Connections!  We’ll be having a grand time on June 28th starting at 1:30 in the afternoon and continuing until we run out of plants.

If you’ve ever wondered what medicinal herbs will grow here in south west Nebraska or what the plants look like that you’ve been taking in your health protocols than this is your chance to come and see.  We will be looking at over 50 different plants growing within my gardens and grounds.  Some of these are totally native or wild while most are cultivated.  We’ll talk about how to identify one plant from another, what part is used in medicine making, when and how to harvest, what type of issues the plants work best for, what their growing requirements are and much more.

Plan on a fun and busy afternoon!  Participation is limited to the first 15 persons to register.  Cost is $15.00 per person.  Pre-registration is required along with payment in full prior to June 26th and can be handled by contacting me via e-mail here on this web-site.  Participants will want to bring their choice of sun protection, drinking water, note taking material, cameras and collection container for samples.  Young children can attend but must be closely supervised at all times and children under 5 are free.